Orange is the New Black: The 21 craziest moments thus far

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Rosa hits Vee with the van

What a crazy way to end a magnificent season. Vee needed a death as dramatic as her life, and it needed to be big because she seemed invincible until the end. To add insult to injury, she was even in the process of breaking out of Litchfield when Miss Rosa found her on the side of the road. Since Rosa was terminally ill, Lorna decided one day to give Rosa the keys to the van for one last joy ride. Upon seeing Vee on the highway shoulder, Rosa drives into her and hits her at full speed, certainly killing her on impact. “Always so rude, that one,” she mutters under her breath. We learn later that she drives into a quarry and kills herself.

Rosa was a cool character because she was very elusive in the beginning. She was part of the older contingent of inmates, aptly named “The Golden Girls” by the other inmates, the ones who sit at the same table in the cafeteria quietly observing the chaos around them. But Rosa was the last one we learned about.

An immigrant from Cuba, she began spearheading bank robberies in her youth with her lover. In the present she is at the end of her life, going through chemotherapy, only to find out she has six months left to live. Even though she was weakened by the chemo, she never seemed to lose her edge. This is most evident when she turns Vee into roadkill while barreling towards her own death, on her own terms.