Books to fill the gap left by Netflix documentary series The Keepers


Loved The Keepers? Well here are some books to read this summer that will help you fill the gap left by the Netflix documentary!

If you’ve left your apartment at all in 2017 — or especially if you haven’t — you’re well aware of the new Netflix documentary series The KeepersThe seven-episode masterpiece follows two former students on a mission to solve the brutal murder of their beloved former high school teacher, Sister Cathy Cesnik.

If you haven’t watched it yet, you must. But if you have, and you want more of that same can’t-watch-but-can’t-not-watch feeling in the form of books, the following three pieces of literature will tie you over until season 2 potentially comes out.

Books to binge on

The Wonder  by Emma Donoghue

Written by the award-winning author of Room, Donoghue’s 2016 novel takes you inside the home of a twisted Catholic family in a small Irish village. The Wonder brews slowly and painfully. Like The Keepers, it involves religious misconduct, journalism at its best, and strong women looking for answers.

Lucky  by Alice Sebold

Alice Sebold’s memoir retells her dark first day at college in upstate New York. Equally as unnerving as The Keepers, this book will rattle, shock, and leave you wondering how someone can write so powerfully about tragedy.

The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls  by Anton DiSclafani

Set in the Blue Ridge Mountains during the Great Depression, DiSclafani gives you self-destructive teenagers, high society, and abuse of power by adults. I guarantee the novel’s narrator, fifteen-year-old Thea Atwell, will get you thinking about your own upbringing.

In Shadowlands, a film about author C.S. Lewis, William Nicholson gives Anthony Hopkins some of my favorite words: “We read to know we are not alone.” As we tell our own stories and listen to those of others in books and on screens, we are reminded of our worth and we carry on together.

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Have any books to keep you off Netflix, trying to find the second season? Let us know in the comments below!