Love good Harry Potter artwork? Well wait until you see these!


Harry Potter fans love having their favorite series represented on their walls and now there are even more things for you to buy!

Fans of the Harry Potter series love a good merchandise sale. Why? Well, we love having our love of the series displayed in our homes and in our daily lives! And now you can own these beautiful bits of art for your walls at home!

Hello Giggles shared a series of artwork that every Potter fan needs in their life! Some are very much the Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima of MinaLima designs we know and love from the series itself. Some are more fanart but still just as beautiful!

Here is the thing about Potter fans: They are extremely talented. You can look on any number of websites and see the artwork they create for the series. But it would be nice if we made sure that these artists got paid for us having their work on our walls.

Honestly, sometimes fanart is even better than the artwork you can buy in stores! While Etsy has a whole section of art and collectibles that fans can purchase, there are still some pieces we want that are not available to buy.

For many of us, we grew up with this series and fell in love with it. So we want that love shared in our homes in the form of art. Lucky for us all, there is plenty of Harry Potter art to go around. We just wish we could buy all the fan art out there! After all, they’re beautiful!

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Do you have a favorite Harry Potter inspired piece? Share about it in the comments below! Or better yet, link us to it! We love anything Harry Potter related!