J.K. Rowling has just become so good at teasing us!


We are all aware of what an amazing author J.K. Rowling is. But we are also learning just how good at teasing her audience she is!

J.K. Rowling has been teasing us through multiple channels for years now. Fans everywhere just can’t get used to the teasing. We are very passionate fans who are just far too eager for the next hint of a spoiler.

Cormoran Strike

We have all been pretty excited ever since we heard Cormoran Strike was going to be a television show. But Rowling’s tweets and teases just make the wait so much more painful! Oh, why does she tease us this way. Her most recent spoiler has been just a vague indication that the show is coming soon. But she gives us no exact hints as to when that may be. Knowing her, it could be next year! The truly good news though, is that she seems to be nothing but impressed with the series. So we should also be ready to be impressed. J.K. Rowling hasn’t failed us yet!

As for the novels

J.K. Rowling got the audience once again with her teasing. Rowling decided that she would take her teasing game to the next level with a lovely match of hangman. Lethal White is the title of the fourth novel in the series. Now that we have that spoiler, more are wanted. And let’s be honest, if she did give us more, we would just want even more after that. Isn’t that always the way it works? It seems J.K. Rowling is more than aware of that fact and perhaps it’s the reason why she is always joking with us. And let’s not forget how long she drags the jokes out for. That Twitter hangman went on forever!

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We will keep you updated here at Wizards and Whatnot, as we get more news on the mysterious series. One thing is for sure, we know that the wait will definitely be worth it! Let us know what you think of Rowling’s teasing tweets in the comments below!