Who won’t make it out of Avengers: Infinity War?


If it wasn’t perhaps a little obvious by all of the information flying around, Avengers: Infinity War is not going to have the same cast at the end.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe knows how to make some pretty good movies. However, it also makes some pretty expected ones. We know the characters. We know which ones are most important.

But see, Marvel also knows that we know how these things work. And the company knows that if it wants to keep making lots and lots of money, it needs to change some things up. If Marvel’s about to make Spider-Man a cornerstone of its franchise, as we suspect it will, then it probably needs to thin the herd a bit. When Infinity War supposedly has a scene with 32 separate characters in it, you’re dealing with a universe that might seem crowded.

Enter Jo Blo, which interviewed Kevin Feige, and CBR, who found the interview, and let the speculation begin. Both sites speculated that Captain America and Iron Man might be the characters who may be the person Feige has in mind when he said “yes” to the question if Avengers: Infinity War be the final film for some characters.

And we’ve come to that conclusion as well before. It’s the easiest option. Easy, however, does not mean that it’s going to happen.

Looking at ScreenRant’s list of which Marvel actors are signed for which films, it’s not like the MCU couldn’t end up axing someone like Hawkeye, who had already semi-retired by Avengers: Age of Ultron, although he needed a breakout after Captain America: Civil War. Chris Hemsworth’s Thor apparently doesn’t have other movies left, either, after Avengers 4. Those are just a couple examples.

In fact, even Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. also have room for Avengers 4 appearances on their contracts, according to ScreenRant. That means that just looking at contracts isn’t enough to accurately predict how Infinity War is going to change things up.

The argument that their deaths would have the most impact doesn’t hold much water either. You might have trouble finding someone who says Robb Stark is their favorite Game of Thrones character. But everyone remembers the Red Wedding. The point is that if Marvel wants someone’s death to mean something, they can find a way to make it mean something.

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Now, both sites say that it’s possible there’s not going to be any deaths involved. But Age of Ultron made us care about Quicksilver and then killed him off in the span of one film (and a teaser appearance in Captain America: The Winter Soldier) to tear at our feelings, just saying.