Wonder Woman actor says that Chief may be more powerful than we think


When it comes to demi-gods and mythical beings, Wonder Woman sure loves to teach us about them all but Chief might also be included!

Well, guys, new theories abound because the actor who portrayed Chief in Wonder Woman said that because Chief is depicted as Napi, he is a demi-god. So it looks like Diana isn’t the only god running around World War I.

Now, while it isn’t confirmed by a studio or anything of that sort, it was said by Eugene Brave Rock (the actor who played Chief) himself.

Here’s what he said on Twitter:

Was this just a joke still that continues? Well, we’ll have to wait and see what happens in Wonder Woman 2. But still, that’d be pretty amazing. The one person who can stay with Diana forever from her initial group.

We didn’t really see a lot of Diana in modern times so we don’t know anything for sure. Plus, io9 makes a great point about Diana’s first meeting with Chief.

"Brave Rock said his reveal as Napi was a bonafide part of the script. It makes sense when you consider that Chief is the first person Diana shakes hands with, even though she’s presented with the opportunity several times beforehand with other people."

Below is a spoiler. If you haven’t seen Wonder Woman, stop reading.

Now here’s my theory: maybe Chief will be the one who can bring Steve Trevor back from the dead. Diana and Chief, back with Steve. It is a movie I’d want to see. (Well, to be fair, I’ll see every movie with Diana Prince in it but that’d be a nice touch.)

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So what does this mean for Chief in the future? Who knows? We’ll have to wait and see but that would be a cool addition to the character. As well as having him bring back his old friend Steve Rockwell Trevor.