Wonder Woman’s Allan Heinberg reteaming with Shondaland for new ABC show


Allan Heinberg, the screenwriter of the hit superhero movie, Wonder Woman, is heading back to TV to write a new show with the Shondaland production team.

While I’m super proud that Wonder Woman‘s chugging right along at the box office and fans continue to heap praise on star Gal Gadot and director Patty Jenkins, they aren’t the only two folks who brought the movie to life. In fact, men wholly helped shaped the story, and of course, the character of Steve Trevor enabled a lot of Diana Prince’s growth. But more importantly, Allan Heinberg wrote the script. Since its Pride Month, I’m also inclined to mention that Allan Heinberg is a member of the gay community as well, so that’s a win all around. But the media isn’t paying as much attention to him as they are to Jenkins or Gadot.

Now, I know, I know, boo-hoo, a man’s not getting that much attention. But I think we could do better to acknowledge that Allen wrote those beautiful scenes, too. He wrote that witty dialogue. He’s as important to Wonder Woman as Steve Trevor.

Though he may not be doing as many interviews, at least he’s getting more work.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Heinberg will return to ABC once again. As the previous showrunner of The Catch, which ABC canceled before its season 2 finale last month, ABC and Heinberg have worked together plenty of times before. Additionally, Heinberg wrote for many other Shondaland shows, like Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal.

The common denominator happens to be that Heinberg can write strong women pretty well. So naturally, Heinberg

"[…] signed an overall development deal with ABC Studios and ABC Signature Studios that includes a script deal with ABC. The script is for Adult Behavior, a sexy, multi-generational comedic drama inspired by Russell T Davies’ 2015 British TV series Cucumber and Banana."

Full disclosure: Outside of food, I don’t know know what Cucumber or Banana is. But I do know that the premise of that show sounds like sexy Parenthood or just a re-vamped version of The Catch with Tessa being a main character from the jump off.

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Either way, if Heinberg’s involved — if Shonda’s on board — then they’ve already got me waiting for a premiere date and more details.