Wet Hot American Summer is back and better than ever in 1991


The TV show Wet Hot American Summer reminded us of our love for the film and now it is back with all our favorites ten years after the last day of camp!

Wet Hot American Summer is back ten years later and it seems like there’s an even better cast this time around. For those who may have only seen the movie or just the television show, you’re missing out on some prime comedy.

The cult movie that featured Bradley Cooper, Amy Poehler, and Paul Rudd prior to their fame and fortune has won our hearts over again and again. So in 2015, they decided to release a television series based on the first day of camp at Camp Firewood in 1981.

There we find out how a can processes abilities to speak, how Gene became the crazed cook we knew him to be and how Ben (Bradley Cooper) and McKinley (Michael Ian Black) ended up married. It is fantastic all around and honestly one of my favorite things out there.

And hey, we even get crazy recluse rocker Chris Pine locked away in the woods with Elizabeth Banks. But that’s not even the best part of the whole show!

This season, it seems as if they pulled out all the stops. And we have even more favorites being added to the cast. With Jai Courtney and Adam Scott tagging on to the second season, it seems as if we’re in for quite the ride 10 years later.

Check out the trailer below, with a warning for some NSFW language:

So since the season doesn’t premiere until August 4, you have plenty of time to catch the rest of the Wet Hot American Summer catalog. And it isn’t like pulling teeth and nails to do it. The show and movie are fantastic and fun and honestly, you’re better off having watched both these products of love and comedy.

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No really, go watch it. Paul Rudd doesn’t age and it has Amy Poehler and Chris Pine is in it so how much more convincing do you need?