Celebrate Harry Potter’s anniversary with the book that started it all!


Since the anniversary of Harry Potter is among us, why don’t we celebrate by reliving our favorite moments! From the book that started it all no less!

From the moment Hagrid’s name appears on the page, we were hooked. His extreme loyalty to not only Harry’s parents, but to Harry himself, made us fall for this giant of a man. Hagrid had no problem telling the Dursley’s what he thought of them and their lies to Harry about his parents. He showed us that he wasn’t afraid to stand up for who or what he believed in and he would never let anyone harm those he loved.

Hagrid is more than happy to tell Harry where he came from and that it’s time he learn all about himself. And his powers. Hagrid bowled right over any objections Harry had about who he was, refusing to allow him to believe he was anything but extraordinary.

The Golden Trio

We knew the relationships between, Harry, Ron, and Hermione were going to be epic. But we didn’t realize how intensely they would make us feel everything they felt. We felt pride when Ron found out Harry Potter was the boy sitting with him and didn’t allow the information to change how he felt. Then we felt it again when it didn’t stop Hermione from berating him for being reckless or breaking rules.

Every moment they laughed or cried had us laughing and crying right along with them. If I ever came across these three, they would definitely be my first choice for friends.

The first small battle

It certainly didn’t seem small when it was happening, especially since it was up against a giant troll. But this was nothing compared to the other battles Harry and the others would have to face. This was the first time we got to see Harry, Ron, and Hermione work together. It certainly wasn’t flawless, but it was the thought that counted. That, and the fact that they ended up winning. But it was the sticking up for each other in the face of trouble after the battle that really stuck with us.

The first Quidditch game

From the moment the word Quidditch appeared on the page, we were interested. Even though we had no idea what it was going to entail, we wanted more. Readers found themselves on the edge of their seats, trying to restrain themselves from cheering out loud for Harry to win. It showed us the courage and resilience the young boy had and inspired us to show a little more of those qualities ourselves.

The book stuck with people because it was something we had never experienced before and it made us happy to read it now. That little bit of background story was always able to make you smile when things seemed to be dark everywhere else in the book.


No reader will ever forget the first time we really saw Voldemort. There was such a build up for the villain that we didn’t know what to expect. So what if he is supposed to be the most powerful wizard? Harry proved that he was better, because he had hope and loyalty. He made Voldemort despise the name Harry Potter even more. Something no one thought possible.

But this wouldn’t be the last battle with Voldemort and we knew it. So did Harry. That’s what made it so exciting. Even though you knew Voldemort would be back and Harry would have to face him again, you also knew that Harry was going to be a better wizard the next time.

The house cup

So it seems a little anticlimactic to include this one after talking about that epic battle. But this was pretty important too. The Slytherin house had been the reigning champs of the house cup, something that seemed likely to change with the appearance of Harry Potter. But with all the trouble Harry and his friends got into, the house cup went back to Slytherin.

But Dumbledore wasn’t having any of that. He did what he had to do in order to change things. He didn’t do anything wrong by any means, just awarded some extra needed points. Dumbledore said qualities should be rewarded as much as actions. He also showed us the importance of friendship. A true reigning theme in all of the Harry Potter books.

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