8 fabulous leading ladies of E3 2017

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I’m not 100% sure what’s going on with Anthem. I mean, sure, it looks amazing, but I can’t tell from the trailer what’s happening with the juxtaposition of story and multiplayer gameplay. My guess is that you get a choice, and the trailer just opted to feature a woman leading the mission, a decision I am totally okay with.

You can hear the players chattering to one another as they adventure through the world of Anthem, a lush environment that looks to be a treat to explore. Particularly, a treat to explore with a jetpack and a super powerful exosuit, allowing for plenty of customization to how you explore and fight. It’s reminiscent of Destiny in some ways, especially as they bring more players in, though I’m still hard-pressed from the trailer to tell you what the goal is or if there’s much of a story.

Cringy dialogue aside, the Anthem trailer proved a glorious reminder to both the audience at the show and at home that yes, women partake in multiplayer shooters and are damn good at them, and bringing in that representation helps to solidify that understanding to those still living in the past. Whatever Anthem turns out to be, a diverse array of folks will pick it up and play it, and the game will be all the better for it.