8 fabulous leading ladies of E3 2017

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Billie – Dishonored: Death of the Outsider

Dishonored found a fantastic leading lady in Dishonored 2 with Emily Kaldwin, whose half of the story (unfortunately) far outshone the weaker presentation of her counterpart, Corvo. Bethesda has opted to go the Uncharted route by releasing a standalone adventure that isn’t a full-blown, numbered Dishonored title, but is more than just DLC as well.

We’ve met Billie Lurk before — she played a key role in the DLC for the first game, The Knife of Dunwall. In it, she becomes an apprentice of sorts to Daud and assists with his work throughout the DLC, though she eventually betrays him. The ending of Knife of Dunwall varies depending on how you handled Daud’s chaos level, and gives the player the choice to kill or spare Billie after Daud wins a duel with her. The Outsider will comment on Daud’s decisions, potentially setting up the scenario in the trailer above where Billie, prompted by Daud, decides it’s about time to kill the Outsider. This time, she’s taking the lead it seems, with Daud supporting.

It’s a plot that the series has been hinting at for awhile now, but certainly interesting to see Billie take up the knife rather than one of the previous main characters. I’m looking forward to getting to know her as she endeavors to assassinate a dude who’s basically a god. How do you kill a god?