8 fabulous leading ladies of E3 2017

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Ajna – Indivisible

While most characters on this list were shown in press events, I definitely want to take the time to mention one who wasn’t. At E3 2017, I got a chance to watch a preview of Indivisible, a Metroidvania/RPG title from Lab Zero, who also created the game Skullgirls and has brought some of their fighting game touches to this new project. Though there are dozens of playable characters, you’ll run around the map as Ajna, a young girl who discovers she has the ability to bring others into her mind and travels the world exploring her powers.

The gameplay certainly seems fun, but there are two things that truly hooked me about Indivisible. The first is its music, which is by Hiroki Kikuta, who also composed “Secret of Mana.” The second is the game’s animations, which are incredibly lively and personable. Even the title screen, where Ajna is standing with a long skirt billowing in the wind, captivates — when you start up the game, she smoothly hoists up her skirt above her knees and transitions into the game itself. And just look how tough Ajna looks as she climbs up walls and swings that heavy ax around! All in a day’s work.