25 TV tropes you’ll definitely recognize but are super tired of seeing

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The outcast and misfit

As I’ve stated before, I like my TV crushes to be broody and tortured, and it’s even better if they can buck societal norms and live on the fringe of polite culture. This trope hits me right in my sweet spot, and offers a catch all for characters that don’t quite fit into any other category – or who don’t really want to.

The outcast or misfit just doesn’t fit in anywhere. They usually carry a dark secret, and are meant to wander the Earth alone because of it. A lot of shows with supernatural themes have this character, as it’s probably pretty isolating to drink blood, change into a wolf, or perform magic.

The misfit has been rejected by society because of some “crime” they’ve committed, which is usually something out of their control. They’ve probably been banished from their own community, and have to search for a new place to belong. Obviously they’re sad and forlorn, it’s hard being a loner, you know. Sometimes they’ll meet someone who can see past their misunderstood nature, but they’re reluctant to let them in. Don’t worry, they will let them in, but something terrible will happen to their loved one because of the misfit.

It’s also a given that the outcast will be extremely good-looking. Something has to attract them to all the new folks they have to meet, or else why would anybody bother to get to know them?

Examples: Preacher, Outcast, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Twin Peaks