PKEW PKEW PKEW joins the SideOneDummy family


SideOneDummy Records announced Tuesday that it signed Toronto, Ontario-based band PKEW PKEW PKEW. The label is reissuing the band’s self-titled debut and a new song.

PKEW PKEW PKEW writes short, fast-paced punk songs that are full of frivolity. Their aesthetic tends toward beer-chugging anthems and self-deprecating humor, which gives them a vibe not often found in punk bands. This band is relentlessly positive, even when screaming about people being total jerks.

There’s also a youthfulness to PKEWx3’s music that recalls early, especially immature blink-182 (think Dude Ranch), but with significantly less misogyny and weirdness. They are low key one of the coolest, sweetest groups of boys currently involved in the punk scene. Their music reflects that.

Some fan-favorite PKEWx3 tracks include “Let’s Order a Pizza” and “Before We Go Out Drinking”. The latter has a new video in celebration of PKEW PKEW PKEW signing to SideOneDummy Records.

PKEW PKEW PKEW joins the ranks of bands like PUP, The Smith Street Band, and AJJ on SideOneDummy Records. They’ve done several tours with bands already on the label and their sound holds up to the rest of the family. Reactions to the news on Twitter have been really positive, which makes sense. This band inspires nothing but joy.

Although no official date has been set, the label is re-releasing the band’s self-titled debut, plus a brand new song. The album is currently available to stream on BandCamp and Spotify, but SideOneDummy has a sign-up sheet for anyone who wants to buy the re-release here.

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PKEW PKEW PKEW will hit the road with fellow Ontarians The Flatliners in July. For dates, see their website. This band is absolutely delightful live. Their sets are relentless, loud, and infectiously fun. It’s impossible not to love at least one song before they leave the stage.