Wayward Daughters exists, Supernatural fans, but it’s Wayward Sisters now


Last year, it seemed as though hope had not died for the Wayward Daughters spinoff to Supernatural. This year, that patience has paid off: Wayward Sisters.

About a year ago, yours truly argued on FanSided’s main website that a Supernatural spinoff in the form of Wayward Daughters needed to exist, because Supernatural is so much about the brothers Winchester (and Castiel) and their bevy of issues, not women.

Apparently, the universe (or at least Warner Bros. TV and The CW) has decided to listen. Deadline reports that the long-rumored and asked-for spinoff featuring Jody Mills will make its debut in season 13 of Supernatural as not Wayward Daughters, but Wayward Sisters. Which, okay, that’s close enough.

Now, as Deadline notes, not many fans liked it when Supernatural tried to do this a few years ago with “Bloodlines”, a season 9 episode. Speaking a bit more anecdotally, the episode just didn’t work despite having a pretty interesting concept (shapeshifters vs. werewolves). No one really asked for it at the time, either. However, Wayward Daughters/Sisters has become its own movement, spawning a hashtag or two on Twitter as well as a fan account.

Speaking of, fan reaction has been particularly positive:

Deadline notes the strength of the fans likely influenced the decision to work on Wayward Sisters, also noted by the fans in some of the tweets above. That’s true. It’s impressive that it’s actually happening.

But now, there may be an issue with what the fans have built up in their heads versus what ends up being made. What if things don’t turn out perfectly? How would the fandom then respond? It’s a serious question.

Here’s another question: where would Wayward Sisters fit on the already-packed schedule for The CW? If it’s airing the pilot partway through season 13, that presumes that the show would then probably start for the 2018-19 television season, assuming that the fanbase responds to the actual episode as well as it has to the announcement. Of course, some of the network’s shows for this television season could also fail, freeing up some slots for a mid-season premiere or even a fall premiere.

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For now, those questions have to take a back seat, because Wayward Sisters has a shot.