Miles Teller addressed the arrest rumors and says he was just detained


When it comes to white men in Hollywood that everyone seems to love, Miles Teller is pretty high on the list but he wasn’t arrested this past weekend.

Mr. Fantastic himself, Miles Teller, has been at the forefront of everyone’s mind for quite sometime. Every since Whiplash, and even before then, fangirls and boys have had his name on their lips.

The star of Fantastic Four and War Dogs, Teller is on almost every girl and boy’s dream list. He’s rugged, scarred, and definitely one of the Hollywood hunks we all can’t wait to talk about.

Well now the internet is buzzing for a whole new reason. Over the weekend, Miles was reportedly arrested for public intoxication while in San Diego. The actor has since come out and clarified that he was not arrested but rather detained for being too intoxicated.

But Teller didn’t stop there. He made sure to address that while completely innocent, you can’t trust everything you read. Miles went even further as to tell his fans not to believe every entertainment outlet trying to get clicks.

It’s good to know that Miles Teller isn’t in trouble and nothing happened but still, being detained for public intoxication isn’t something to just brush off. Either way, it is good news that Miles and his friends are all fine, even if their night was dampened by the incident.

This isn’t the first time Teller has been in the news for a less than stellar reason either. In 2015, his Esquire interview went viral for the worst kind of reason and Miles fired back saying that it was “misrepresenting” (note that he uses some NSFW language):

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What was nice about that Esquire interview though? The pictures that came along with it. So while we still haven’t figured out Miles Teller, we sure do love to talk about him.