The HAIM Sisters Inspired Taylor Swift’s Social Media Return

Source: Taylor Swift / Instagram
Source: Taylor Swift / Instagram /

Taylor Swift fans should be thanking the HAIM sisters for Taylor Swift’s social media return – for one post, that is.

For awhile there, we really thought that something had happened to Swift, but we can rest now knowing that she’s alive all thanks to the HAIM Sisters, who discussed in an interview with USA Today how they felt when Swift gave their new song some love via Instagram. Can you blame them? We would be happy too.

“It’s so nice when your friends support you,” Alana Haim, one of the three sisters, said. “We were so nervous to put out anything and to get that love and feedback was so nice”.

The HAIM sisters traveled with Swift for the majority of her 1989 World Tour in 2015, and have vacationed with her as well. The sisters and Swift are inseparable and for Swift to show support of her friends the way she does is an incredibly sweet thing to do.

This isn’t the first time Swift has took to Instagram to support her friends. Back in March, Swift posted a screenshot of Lorde’s new single at the time “Green Light” and raved about it.

We sure hope this isn’t the last time we hear from Swift. In fact, we hope the next time we hear from her is with a new song. Time can only tell, right? Until then, you can listen to HAIM’s “Want You Back” now on Apple Music.