Mahershala Ali is on the cover of GQ and get ready to swoon


After Moonlight and Hidden Figures, the world suddenly couldn’t stop talking about Mahershala Ali and for good reason: he’s pretty perfect.

The Oscar-winner Mahershala Ali took over our lives in 2016 and no one questioned why. He showed up on our silver screens and we just couldn’t get enough of him. It helps that he’s extremely nice to look at.

The Moonlight star recently won and Oscar for his role, showing us that not only is he kind and puts up with all kind of idiotic questions about his name but he also is talented. I mean, not that we were questioning it.

So today, GQ released their “American Dream” cover and guess who took it over: Mahershala Ali. That’s right folks, a Black Muslim-American is taking over the GQ cover and we’re extremely happy. And so is Mark Anthony Green.

The cover is simply Ali in a beachy top with a turquoise necklace. Honestly, writing that sounds like a terrible idea but looking at the look on Mahershala is something else entirely.

Maybe it’s that big smile of his or just the carefree way he seems to embody each picture but we definitely love looking at each shot! But the interview itself showed a side to Mahershala Ali that we haven’t really seen before. He talked to Carvell Wallace about how he went from someone cops would stop on the street to someone everyone was in love with.

"When suddenly you go from being followed in Barneys to being fawned over, it will mess with your head."

And honestly, Hunter is right. No one else gets a good morning. Just Mahershala and that very lucky hamburger he has in his hands.

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So go out and enjoy the new cover of GQ. If you’re not a fan of the magazine, who cares? You get this lovely photoshoot and that’s all that really matters.