Happy Father’s Day to DJ Khaled, from the Internet


This Father’s Day, tons of people on Twitter are giving shout-outs to one of the world’s best dads: DJ Khaled. His overwhelming love for his son Asahd has spawned totally wholesome memes and a lot of love.

Happy Father’s Day! Today, the Internet is continuing to support one of its favorite dads: DJ Khaled. On June 16, Khaled released the video for his latest single, “Wild Thoughts”, featuring Rihanna and Bryson Tiller. The song is fire and everyone looks amazing.

Anticipation for Khaled’s new star-studded album is growing steadily as its June 23 release date approaches. The “Wild Thoughts” video definitely contributes to that. But the best part of the music video isn’t the club vibe or Rihanna’s killer vocals.

It’s Asahd Khaled’s brief but amazing cameo.

Asahd Khaled is already a superstar.

Asahd was born Oct. 23, 2016. DJ Khaled documented his birth on his Snapchat and instantly, the Internet became obsessed with their relationship. They rapidly became Internet darlings thanks to frequent social media updates from Khaled praising his son with the hashtag #GRATEFUL.

Khaled created an Instagram account for Asahd and leaves comments as if the infant runs the account himself. It’s adorable. His constant encouragement has spawned dozens of memes. Asahd is well on his way to being a mogul in his own right at the tender age of seven months. Khaled is so sweet about it all that no one’s even mad.

In fact, fatherhood has informed literally everything about DJ Khaled’s upcoming album. Grateful drops on June 23. The date is significant: it’s Asahd’s 8-month birthday. The title is, of course, from Khaled’s go-to hashtag for talking about fatherhood.

That’s not all. Asahd is listed as the first executive producer on Grateful and his photograph features on the cover. His sweet face also graces the covers of every single from Grateful that DJ Khaled has released so far. That includes “Wild Thoughts”.

In every instance, whether posing by himself or with his dad, Asahd is living the life. Like all self-respecting hip hop moguls, Asahd hangs in hot tubs and on thrones. He surrounds himself with luxury.

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Father’s Day can be tough, but people on Twitter may have the right idea. Celebrating one great dad can be really uplifting. It’s great to have DJ Khaled make that possible.