The Golden Trio: Proof that Harry, Ron, and Hermione are friendship goals!


Harry, Ron, and Hermione are total friendship goals! We call them The Golden Trio for a reason. Many of them! Read here to find out just a few of them!

From the moment Harry and Ron set eyes on each other, they were destined to be best friends. It took them no time to form a deep bond, even though they really didn’t have a lot in common. Ron had six siblings, and Harry had none.

Ron lived in a very loving home with his parents, even though they didn’t always have much money. Harry lived in an extremely abusive home and had lost his parents so long ago, he barely remembered them. Harry also had more money than he knew what to do with. But he didn’t find that out until he also found out he was a wizard.

They met Hermione and it didn’t seem like there would be anything for  them to create a connection from. But they did. From the first time she helped them, Hermione really became the brains of the group. Not to mention the looks!


Right from the start of their adventures, these three were always loyal to each other. Whether it was saving one of their own from a twelve foot troll or covering for one another as to why they were there in the first place. These three gave us hope that true friendship does exist. It’s hard to pin down one moment that outweighs others because pretty much anytime they were together was impressive.

To Hermione, breaking the rules or getting expelled was the worst thing that could happen. Worse than death even, but she put those fears aside anytime Harry or Ron were in trouble. If something needed to be done to help them but it required her to break some of the rules she held so dear, she may have complained about it, but she always did it.

To Ron, being in Harry’s shadow was one of his worst fears. For this alone, he could’ve chosen to stay away from Harry the moment he found out who he was. But he didn’t. He never once hesitated to be best friends with the boy who had trouble following him everywhere. Ron never hesitated to step up to the plate and defend the boy he always felt was so much better than him. It doesn’t get much more loyal than that.

I think Harry’s biggest fear was that he would end up alone or unwanted. Harry was afraid every time he faced Voldemort, but being alone was worse. He clung to the friendship of Hermione and Ron for this reason and he made them part of his family. If there’s one thing that means the most to Harry in the world, wizarding or muggle, it’s family.


No one offered more support than the Golden Trio to each other. They saw each other at their best and they saw each other at their worst. But they never let it get in the way of their friendship. Nothing was more important to them than the happiness of the other two. Putting best friend’s needs before their own was their motto.

When Draco called Hermione a mudblood, Ron went after him with a curse. The curse didn’t work. But Ron gave it his best shot. Harry didn’t even know what the word meant, but as soon as he knew it was bad, he was right there with Ron ready to go after the other boy.

Ron teams up with Hermione to save Harry from the twelve foot troll, even though he is terrified. Of course, there were several other times that Ron and Hermione teamed up to save Harry, but that one was the first.

Harry and Hermione put aside the fear and are able to find calm when Ron gets splinched. Hermione and Harry are terrified of losing Ron, but they find a way  to save him. These three would literally do anything for each other.

The Golden Trio

Calling this group the Golden Trio couldn’t have been more accurate. From the young age of twelve, these three kids basically saved the world. Repeatedly. And they did it in their own most of the time. Even when they did have help, it was usually minimal and under false pretenses. That bravery in one child of that age is rare, much less to find it in three. Finding friendship like the one that these three share is something that everyone wants.

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