Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers play a little catch-up with the news


Neither Stephen Colbert nor Seth Meyers snagged Wednesday’s largest news, but they had time to do so on their Thursday episodes.

One has to start wondering if The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and Late Night with Seth Meyers will have to start changing their filming schedules. Stephen Colbert owned up to the fact that he had to go over not just one, but two days’ worth of news in last night’s monologue.

He did, however, make up for it by going full meme, and Seth Meyers had a birthday cake.

Let’s start with Colbert, shall we?

Not only did Colbert have the actual intro, he managed to do a shoutout to the network his show airs on, since CSI: Miami originally aired on CBS.

As for his works cited, let’s get right to it. Although he uses CNN for the report about Robert Mueller now looking into obstruction of justice, the Washington Post broke the story on June 14. (Keep that date in mind, since Seth Meyers will be hitting it hard.) Vox’s story on Mueller’s team includes profiles of each. CNN looked at FEC reports for its discussion of some of those team members’ political donations; Politico details recent responses to Mueller. Colbert uses two New York Times articles, although the one that mentions the staff is more recent (and, spoilers, Meyers uses it too).

That note about Twitter comes from The Daily Beast. Colbert went back to the Post‘s deep-dive analysis. Finally, the Post also reported on the Senate vote, although neither senator in the 97-2 vote was actually from Wyoming.

Now we get to Meyers’ “Closer Look”.

A fire extinguisher for a cake seems a little excessive (and a waste of cake), but it certainly gets the point across. Ditto with breaking out DJ Khaled. Meyers cites the same NYT story Colbert does, then adds in the Los Angeles Times for good measure. However, he also took some time to discuss the American Health Care Act. On, you guessed it, June 14, the NYT did some polling analysis as well.

Tonight’s episodes should be interesting due to some tweets.

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Which approach did you prefer: Colbert’s memes or Meyers’ cake?