American Gods episode 8 preview and synopsis: Come to Jesus


This week in the American Gods season 1 finale, Wednesday’s taking Shadow to Kentucky for an Easter party in episode 8, “Come to Jesus.”

In the season finale of American Gods, “Come to Jesus” follows Shadow Moon to Kentucky for an Easter picnic. Starz‘s synopsis tells us that

"On the eve of war, Mr. Wednesday must recruit one more Old God: Easter but winning her over will require making a good impression."

After last week’s Irish reverie, “Come to Jesus” throws us into a whirlwind of action. Check out the official preview on Starz.

Mr. Nancy is starting us out with a story while Shadow and Wednesday watch, looking somewhat annoyed. Then Easter is throwing a party and it seems like everyone is invited. I bet Jesus will be there. I wonder which one? Or several? Even the new gods are coming, but they’re probably crashers.

The preview also shows that after everything, Shadow still wonders if this is all some kind of vivid dream. Come on Shadow! Wednesday pulled half a creepy tree monster baby out of your abdomen in episode 6. Your dead wife isn’t dead. You woke up from what you thought was a dream on a rooftop with a silver coin in your hand that wasn’t there before. What’s it going to take to convince you?

And don’t think we’re going to end the season without catching up with Laura and Sweeney. They’re still together, and he comes clean about his assignment from Mr. Wednesday.

Episode 8 takes the opportunity to shake up the original story some more. It changes Wednesday and Shadow’s intimate picnic with Easter to Easter’s fancy house party in Kentucky.

I was wondering why they kept talking about Kentucky. So not in the book. In fact, they don’t meet Easter until much later in the story. Also, all this interaction between Laura and Sweeney was written for the show. But that’s okay, because they’re getting the story exactly right.

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Tune in to Starz this Sunday for the exciting season 1 finale of American Gods, “Come to Jesus.”