25 of the most handsome fathers on television

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Mark Sloan – Grey’s Anatomy

There’s a reason why Mark Sloan was dubbed “Dr. McSteamy,” and it’s only partially because we first meet him coming out of the shower. It’s mostly because he’s literally the hottest man to ever step foot in Seattle-Grace hospital – Dr. McDreamy included (sorry, Derek fans).

Mark Sloan (also known IRL as Eric Dane) is so hot you might actually burn your retinas if you look directly at him. I swear this man is carved out of marble, and that head of hair is enough to make you burn your own eyes out. He looks like he was produced in a “traditionally good looking man” factory, and he has no trouble invoking those dashing good looks to sleep with the line of ladies waiting for him to wink his way.

Once Mark settles into a relationship and becomes a father (with neither of these things having to do with the other, by the way), he gets exponentially more attractive. Those abs and cheekbones, coupled with his journey into being a viable adult are the reasons I got out of bed between the years of 2006-2012. In fact, I had to use my sick days to call out of work the week after his death episode aired. I mourned him like he wasn’t a completely fictional character on a nighttime soap. Now, with some distance, I’ve realized I probably only missed his gorgeous face and dashing smile. RIP Mark Sloan – you and your face (and your broad shoulders) are sorely missed.