25 of the most handsome fathers on television

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Mike Brady – The Brady Bunch

If you can get past Mike Brady’s reputation as being the quintessential dad, then you might appreciate him for the man that he is. I know it’s hard to separate the man from the father, but look a little closer and you might find you’re developing quite the crush.

For one, he’s a tall drink of water. Coming in at over six feet, there’s a lot of him to love. Those big strong arms could wrap you up in a hug and make you feel like there’s nothing wrong in the whole world.

He’s also not afraid to rock a deep-V shirt. Those top buttons are only holding Mike Brady down, and he needs to set his upper chest free. If you notice, Carol wasn’t really a tall woman herself, and when they embraced, her face fit perfectly in that center place in the middle of his chest. He kept it open just for her, and that’s a really considerate thing to do for the woman you love.

Lastly, Mike was an architect so he was good with his hands and could always see the big picture. He was a perfectionist, and wasn’t afraid to try things until he got them exactly right. If I had to guess, I’d bet Mike applied these philosophies to all areas of his life.