Virtual Hogwarts common rooms: live in your happy place


Sometimes imagining things feels more real than the outer world, and this is especially so to Harry Potter fans. So now, we get to explore Hogwarts!

In these virtual Hogwarts House common rooms, with their fireplaces, sounds of the castle, and changing light, you’ll feel like the Pensieve has dropped you into the Hogwarts you’ve always wished for.

Hufflepuff common room

Sunshine pours in through the round windows, eye level with the summer grass. Hanging plants sway, a happy fire leaps about, and sounds flow through the round windows of students enjoying their weekend on the Hogwarts grounds. The whole room glows in cheerful yellow. This room could be a Patronus all by itself.

Slytherin common room

You can practically smell the scented smoke while you study close to the fire. Everything is cast in a green glow from the lake water behind the windows. The Giant Squid floats by, sounding a wee bit like a humpback whale. Every now and then the fire flames turn green.

Did someone invisible just arrive through Floo powder? Otherwise you are alone, with just the sounds of your book pages turning and your quill on parchment. If you like quiet, green-tinted isolation, this is the room for you.

Ravenclaw common room

This is such an incredibly beautiful room. An angelic voice floats on the starry air that moves like curtains of light. The windows reach from floor to ceiling, showing the sky over the mountains.

Soon the night falls and you’re left with the light of the fire, to read from Ravenclaw room’s library and listen to the clock turning.  Shhh I’ll be quiet now and leave you alone with your book.

Gryffindor common room

You’re in one of the coziest places on Earth, the Gryffindor common room. The rain falls, the fire is bright, and you have one of the best seats by the fire, curled up reading in a dilapidated chair.

A quill scratches on parchment as someone writes a letter, and a teacup tinks as you pour yourself and your friends more tea. Life could not be better.

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As more news comes in, we will be reporting on these magical virtual rooms!