I saw the Mummy and I didn’t think it was terrible: Why you should see it


When it comes to the Mummy, a lot of people have been unnecessarily rude about it and I’m going to explain why it’s not a terrible movie.

Granted, most reviews, including our own here at Culturess, point out the flaws of The Mummy perfectly. That is if you watch this movie like it is a serious action film and not for what it is actually worth, you’ll find yourself leaving the theater angry that you wasted your money. Basically if you go into this movie with absolutely no expectations and just want to enjoy yourself, you’ll do just that.

Maybe I’m lucky since I went with my friend who loved the movie upon first viewing and wanted me to go with her. Yes, she loved the movie that much that she went twice. So first, let me put this into perspective: my dear friend loves Tom Cruise a lot so she is a little biased. But on the flip of that, I cannot stand Tom Cruise.

Go in prepared

Going into this movie I was fully prepared to love two things and two things only: Jake Johnson and Sofia Boutella. While I did love them both, Tom was surprising to me. I still didn’t exactly like his performance or think he added anything to the role but I also didn’t hate him as much as I normally do.

First off let me say this: do not go into this movie and expect to take it seriously. I don’t think it was designed that way and, if it was, well, ignore it and just go into for a fun time. Now that you know that, here’s the second thing: it goes to bonkers town. And not just kind of. No, it goes all in. You have Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, you have zombies and vampires and honestly, it’s just fun.

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So maybe give the Mummy some slack? And honestly my only complaint is that it set me up for a Jake Johnson/Tom Cruise romance and then didn’t deliver. So maybe give me a romance between the two of them next time, okay?