Wynonna Earp season 2: Trouble in Purgatory & Wynonna’s weakness


Wynonna Earp returned with season 2 this week and in case there’s any confusion if I loved it or not, my review is here to clear that up.

First things first: How excited am I that Wynonna Earp returned to my screen, you ask? Oh, you didn’t ask? Well, I’m going to tell you anyway. Take my excitement for Wonder Woman destroying the patriarchal box office, my joy that I felt at the Boston pride parade, and the absolute wonder that I experienced meeting some of this cast at ClexaCon, then multiply that by how much showrunner extraordinare Emily Andras is not sorry about the underboob. Triple it. Quadruple it. Quintuple it. Then just keep going. Have I made my point clear yet? I am so excited.

And I’m not just excited that the show itself is back. I’m excited that this community is back — this home that we somehow created within a fandom. I’m excited for Wynonna and Waverly and Nicole and Doc and Dolls, but mostly, I’m excited to ride this whiskey and wit-fueled roller coaster ride with the fans that became my family.

Of course, if you missed the season 2 premiere of Wynonna Earp, you can catch up on everything you missed in Purgatory with our season one rewind and recap of “Steel Bars and Stone Walls.”

Wynonna Earp Steel Bars and Stone Walls: Season 2, Episode 1. Image Courtesy of Syfy.


This first episode of the season made me want to throw things. Obviously, in the best kind of way possible. It was a pleasant punch in the face with stellar action shots, emotional conversations, lots of hairporn, some questionable Wayhaught activity, and it featured everything about this show that we first fell in love with. The relationship between Wynonna and Waverly, of course, was at the forefront but the demon-killing (which I guess is now monster-killing) and gun-slinging was close behind. Petition for more whiskey-slugging next episode though. And more of Doc’s spitfire one liners of Dad advice. Those give me life.

Episode Takeaway: “I’m Wynonna. Wynonna Earp.”

I fell hard for Wynonna Earp last year. She’s bruised and damaged and torn, but she’s also badass and loyal and strong. Because she’s far from perfect, she’s relatable. She’s the character we all needed to see portrayed on screen. Through season 1, we were introduced to more and more layers of Wynonna every episode, and season 2 is only proving that there are even more to watch unfold. One, in particular, being my favorite, and that’s her vulnerability.

I think this season is going down a road of revealing more of Wynonna’s one weakness, which is the duty she feels to protect the people she loves. Especially Waverly.

"“I can’t kill the heir but the rest of you are expendable.”"

Did I want to see Eliza die after I queer-baited myself into shipping her with Wynonna?! Of course not! But this needed to happen. Partly because I honestly would’ve lost my mind if he had shot anyone else in Wynonna’s squad. But also because it reveals the emotional journey we’re about to see our beloved Earp heir go on. Her one kryptonite is her sister. And the fact that she’s now in a position where her “superior” (if you can even call Lucado and co. her superior) is calling Waverly “expendable” puts Wynonna in the worst place she can imagine.

Wynonna would take a bullet for Waverly. She would sacrifice her life for Waverly. But she knows that she’s the only one who can break this curse, and that weighs heavily on her. One wrong move and the next “expendable” one being shot in the head could very well be her sister. And the breakdown that would ensue after that would physically destroy me forever.

I guess we have some monster-killing to do this season, y’all. So… “let’s go break a curse.”

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But before we break a curse, check out the sneak peek of the new episode, “Shed Your Skin”:

Wynonna Earp airs every Friday on Syfy at 10 p.m. ET, and it seems as though we’re in for one helluva ride.