We have some serious questions about Super Mario Odyssey


With Super Mario Odyssey hitting shelves in October, E3 gave us a brand new trailer showcasing more of the game. And, well, we have some questions.

Nintendo’s Super Mario Odyssey needed to make a big splash at E3. With Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild giving more information on its DLC, what could Nintendo do to one-up itself?

How about give us a new trailer for Super Mario Odyssey — AND tell us a release date? First things first, the trailer is … well, weird. Check it out:

Let’s start off with the crazy.

There are dinosaurs?!

Not only that, but you can play as a dinosaur. Nintendo is cool enough to have Super Mario Odyssey as a playable game on the showroom floor. They have made no secret about the ability to play as a dinosaur.

And it looks kind of weird. Like the first trailer, the realistic-looking character feels out of place. Throwing Mario’s hat on top of it? Hilariously weird-looking and off-putting.

Why is Mario’s hat a sentient being?

This seems very odd, as it hasn’t really come up in past games. But it also kind of makes sense, too. Super Mario 64 had a variety of hats that gave Mario temporary powers (metal, invisibility, flight).

Mario’s hat is going to be the main mechanic for this game. You can control other beings with it (hence, the dinosaur), use it as a stepping stone, and use it to break blocks or collect coins.

Is it just me, or does this feel reminiscent of Super Mario 64?

It can’t just be me. The look and feel of this game from both the trailers give off that Super Mario 64 or Super Mario Sunshine vibe. There’s a sense of adventure, worlds to explore, and what might be hiding behind that suspicious-looking wall.

Plus, there’s a sense that this is going to be one really ridiculously weird game.

So, how does this compare to the rest of the E3 announcements?

It’s hard to really compare a Mario game to everything that’s been announced, especially up against things like BioWare’s Anthem,  Ubisoft’s Beyond Good and Evil 2, and even the Breath of the Wild DLCs.

It’s a big announcement, for sure, especially since many people (myself among them) bought the Switch solely for Zelda and Mario. This next look and some of the gameplay reviews feel like the purchase was worth it (if BOTW wasn’t enough already).

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Super Mario Odyssey hits the Nintendo Switch on October 27th.