Ditch the tie and cologne: Perfect Father’s Day gifts dad really wants


Finding the perfect Father’s Day gift doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Perfect Father’s Day gifts just take a little creativity.

A 2016 study by The Grommet found that over 2/3s of Americans buy a Father’s Day gift for someone in their life. On average, gift purchasers spend over $70 on a Father’s Day gift. These gifts range from some practical to something sentimental. But, if that someone doesn’t want a tie or cologne this Father’s Day, here are some perfect Father’s Day gifts that he might really want.

Perfect Father’s Day Gifts, Govino Whiskey Glasses, photo by Cristine Struble

Sip a cocktail without breaking the glass

Bourbon and whiskey have seen a spike in popularity. A cold beer on the patio has been replaced with an old fashioned or a Manhattan. But, should dad bring mom’s good crystal outside? Save dad from a catastrophe. Govino whiskey glasses are perfect for outdoor drinking occasions.

Made from Tritan, the Govino whiskey glasses are perfect for his favorite whiskey, bourbon or craft cocktail. The 14-ounce glass fits the larger ice cubes and enhances the aromas of the liquor. With the company’s signature thumb notch, the glass fits comfortably in the hand. Since the glass is shatterproof, dad won’t have to worry about breakage while enjoying a quiet cocktail outside.

The Govino whiskey glasses are sold in a set of four. The set retails for approximately $18 at various retailers and online.

Add some spice to his life

For some dads, spice is the flavor of life. Of course, spices that make his eyes water may be a little too much heat. But, a strong, flavorful spice can make a huge difference in a meal. Mrs. G’s Handcrafted Pepper Jelly adds some sweet spice kick to recipes.

Mrs. G’s Handcrafted Pepper Jelly can be used in many ways. While some people eat the pepper jelly out of the jar, on top of crackers or with cream cheese, these pepper jellies are delightful when used in a recipe. The four flavors, Ja-Ha, Jalapeno Garlic Lime, Mango Ginger Habanero, and Peach Habanero, can work in so many recipes. From a marinade to a sauce flavor boost, Mrs. G’s adds the heat.

Mrs. G’s Pepper Jellies are available on Amazon. A 10 ounce jar is approximately $10.

Perfect Father’s Day gifts, Mrs. G’s Pepper Jelly, photo by Cristine Struble

Monthly gift from the sea

While some people may call it a stereotype, many men love to cook over the open flame. Why not stock dad’s refrigerator with some delicious food for the grill? While many people know red meat providers, why not give dad some fish for Father’s Day?

Sitka Salmon Shares is a monthly subscription service. Available in a four to seven month subscription, Sitka Salmon Shares ships sustainable Alaskan seafood direct to the consumer. The boat to doorstep subscription offers salmon, shrimp and other sustainable seafood.

The shares start at $99 a month. The subscription service is available May through December. The subscriptions can be customized to each recipient.

Relaxation at his doorstep

Many people love a good, relaxing massage. But, guys may not want to visit the fancy local spa. Zeel Massage brings massage therapy directly to your home. The first company to bring five star, spa-quality massages to both homes and hotels,

Booking via Zeel.com or the Zeel app, a masseuse can arrive in as little as an hour. When booking, the user can specific gender preference, time and location. The company states that a “vetted massage therapist” will arrive when scheduled. The therapist brings all equipment, from massage table to music.

Gift certificates are available. Also, for Father’s Day, Zeel Massage offered a discount. Use code DAD2017 for $25 off the first Zeel Massage.

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The perfect Father’s Day gift ideas are just a couple of suggestions.  Truthfully, dad or the father figure in your life will appreciate any gift or sign of appreciation from his loved ones.