Tom Felton is in a new movie and we couldn’t be more excited!


Tom Felton has come a long way from Draco! Or has he? Decide for yourself if he’s still the same villain we know and secretly love in his new film, Feed!

Tom Felton is slated to join Troian Bellisario in an awesome looking new movie. The two will be playing twins, Olivia and Matthew Grey! But, this movie certainly isn’t going to be your everyday story of sibling rivalry or twins having each other’s backs. This one is going dark! The well off twins are preparing to go into their senior year of high school together. Unfortunately, an accident rips them away from each other. Or so it seems.

Olivia is already struggling with the loss of her brother, when she starts seeing Matthew. She doesn’t know if she is dreaming or hallucinating. She certainly can’t focus in school, but she is expected by all those around her to continue achieving perfect grades.

Her teachers begin asking her if she is on drugs. Her parents are concerned with her no longer seeming to eat. As time goes on, she seems to see her brother more and more. When she does attempt to eat, Matt tells her that he needs it. Olivia is clearly trying to deal with everything going on with her at once, and her twin seems to be encouraging her to join him.

The trailer leaves viewers with the question of how far someone would be willing to go to be with their twin again. Issues of grief, eating disorders, and the pressures of high school are in focus with Bellisario’s character. Check out the trailer here and let us know what you think!

Troian Bellisario not only acts in the film, but wrote and directed it too! Talk about multi talented!

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Are you excited to once again see Tom Felton on screen? Let us know in the comments below! Feed hits theaters July 18th! And remember, for all things Harry Potter check us out here!