The Late Show with Stephen Colbert rings the wedding bells


The Late Show with Stephen Colbert had a lot of fun with the story about the current president’s dropping in on a wedding.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert tends to have particularly long monologues on its Monday night shows, since there’s usually a whole weekend of stories, including things that drop late Friday, to cover.

As a result, last night’s show had quite a long opener. However, The Late Show‘s YouTube broke it up into three distinct parts.

Let’s take a look at the closing part, with a note that it does contain a reference to someone throwing themselves in front of things like trains:

The Washington Post article Colbert cites has an additional photo of Donald Trump’s just dropping in on a wedding, and also adds that Trump walked in on a graduation party as well this weekend. (Both took place at one of the Trump National Golf Clubs, this one in New Jersey.)

Colbert also cracked a joke about the Cabinet paying compliments. That’s a callback to one of the earlier parts of his opening monologue. It’s called “Warning: This Cabinet Meeting May Contain Fawning,” and it, too, has made it to YouTube. (An additional warning: there are some lines that may be considered unsafe for work. Ditto with the chronologically second portion of said monologue, “Trump Didn’t Do Anything Wrong Unless It Was But It’s Not.”)

Of course, he couldn’t resist making a few jokes about how women in particular may have wanted to stay away. That drew some large laughs from the crowd. Even as he smiled and told them to stop laughing and cheering, he continued on with the rest of his monologue.

And, as a final note, you can still find that emoji-laden tweet from Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ official account on Twitter.

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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert might have some material in today’s testimony from Attorney General Jeff Sessions before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

One has to wonder if the show’s writers will hold off until said testimony has finished to write tonight’s opener.