Spider-Man: Homecoming’s new featurette has some subtle shade for previous movies


Spider-Man: Homecoming’s latest featurette doesn’t shy away from adding in new details about the movie — or subtly knocking previous film attempts.

From the start, Spider-Man: Homecoming has not been shy about its title having multiple interpretations, one of which centers around Spider-Man finally appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The attitude from others involved with the film skews more towards “Now that Marvel’s properly involved, Spider-Man will finally be done right,” with all the attendant subtle insults you may expect even though Sony Pictures’ Amy Pascal is also in the featurette, which Collider noticed had made its way to official sources on YouTube.

Check out “A Fan’s Guide to Spider-Man: Homecoming” below. Pay attention to how everyone involved talks about Spider-Man.

At the very end, Tom Holland’s closing speech really brings it home. “Spider-Man the way he was meant to be,” anyone? Even though Sony Pictures and Columbia have their hands in this, it is a Marvel Studios film pretty much through and through. Kevin Feige’s heavy presence also signals that Marvel’s not about to let Peter Parker go through another not-so-great film outing. (One has to wonder how much The Amazing Spider-Man‘s lack of general success smarted.)

Fortunately, all of the footage we’ve seen makes it look like the production has put a lot of effort into the movie. We don’t just mean calling in Robert Downey, Jr., either. Certainly, he plays a major role linking Spidey to the MCU once and for all. However, the decisions not to show the familiar beats make Spider-Man: Homecoming seem fresher.

It certainly helps that the film also hasn’t decided to pull out the Green Goblin again, either. Even though The Amazing Spider-Man eschewed the Osborn clan, too, it would have been easy to go back to that well. Choosing the Vulture again makes things seem new again. It certainly doesn’t hurt that Michael Keaton already knows his way around a superhero movie.

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