Obsessed with Harry Potter after all this time? So are we!


Twenty years, and we are still obsessed with Harry Potter! Young kids are being introduced to them every day. Adults are still reading them! Find out why!

No one could have predicted how much people truly love Harry Potter. You would be hard pressed to find someone who wasn’t a fan. I think you would be even harder pressed to find someone who wasn’t obsessed. The characters, the main story lines, the side story lines, and most importantly the world! They were the books that changed reading as we knew it.

The books

From the moment we started Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone we were hooked! Everyone wanted to see Harry be successful. We wanted to see him get away from the Dursleys and get some kind of closure from losing his parents so young. It was heart wrenching and inspiring at the same time. Nothing could have prepared us for the feelings these books would make us experience.

But every time J.K. Rowling gave us a new book, we still wanted more. Nothing was ever enough for us because she had given us this amazing gift that kept on giving. But eventually, the series did come to an end, as all things do. Or at least we thought. Then The Cursed Child was released. Sure, it’s technically a screenplay, but we love it just as much anyway.

The movies

I know there is some controversy here and there over whether or not the movies were done well. In my personal opinion, I have always loved them and they will always hold a special place in my heart. I think they were really well done, and they are the type of movies that can be watched again and again. Harry Potter movie marathon anyone?

All of the movies made about double their budgets. Most of them made far over double their budgets. They certainly had a large following, that’s for sure. Whether you are a fan of the book series, a fan of the movie series, or both. What’s important is that you are a fan. Everyone likes what they like and that’s okay.

The merch

With all the books and the movies, comes the merchandise. From towels, to sheet sets, to action figures. There is something out there for everyone. Harry Potter merchandise has been released over the years and has all been popular. Who are we kidding, a wide array of merchandise is still being released these days. I’m sure if you looked, you would find some stuff that hasn’t been released yet, but is available for early ordering!

Why we are obsessed

Why we are still thinking about this series? Still buying things pertaining to this series so many years later? We just can’t seem to stop. We have the spin off Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them which is also going to have it’s own franchise.

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I think we love it so much because we were with these characters from the start. We wondered through the relationships they developed with them. When they felt heartbreak, so did we. Everything we were reading and seeing had us engrossed. It takes something special to make so many people feel that way. It’s more than just a successful tv series or book series. It truly was a whole world for us. We will never be able to forget the experiences we had with all of our favorite characters. And this is why they continue to give us more movies, books, and items from the Potterverse. I personally hope they never stop.

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