The official Steven Universe soundtrack is perfect for Pride


For music that’s uplifting, catchy, and perfect for Pride, look no further than the official Steven Universe soundtrack. Released on June 2, this album is full of earworms you won’t want to shake out.

Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe, helmed by openly-bisexual woman Rebecca Sugar, is heralded as one of the most LGBTQ-friendly series on television. It’s a huge win for LGBTQ kids, because it normalizes all kinds of identities. Now, after years of waiting, there’s finally an official Steven Universe soundtrack.

Unsurprisingly, it’s perfect.

Steven Universe, Vol. 1 was released June 2. The title suggests there are more official Steven Universe soundtracks to come, which is the best news of the month. Featuring 37 earworms from the TV series, including its extra-catchy theme song, the Steven Universe soundtrack is as uplifting and representative as the series itself.

This soundtrack’s songs are all about the importance of self-expression and self-love. Music on Steven Universe is used to further the plot, but it’s even more important for characters’ emotional growth. Whenever a character sings, the narrative purpose is to further their growth. That means most of the songs are about growing up.

For the characters on Steven Universe, “growing up” means figuring out lots of things, including gender and sexuality. It’s rare that a kids’ series dives so readily into these topics. Steven Universe is incredibly special because of how it represents different identities.

The show states, clearly, that everyone is worthy and deserving of love. It’s so important for kids to see this kind of representation in their media. Even as an adult, seeing Steven Universe feels massive.

Releasing the first official Steven Universe soundtrack on the second day of Pride Month was a great move. The music of this show is uplifting, fun, and most of all, overwhelmingly about loving yourself. Some of it is also literally about same-sex romance. It’s amazing.

These songs will stick with you, both because they’re incredibly catchy and because they resonate on a deep, emotional level.

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Steven Universe, Vol. 1 is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes. Jam to it all month while you celebrate Pride.