5 things we want from the Wonder Woman sequel

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Chris Pine as Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman (2017). Image courtesy of Warner Brothers (via official Wonder Woman trailer)

Steve Trevor

The question of how Steve Trevor might return to Wonder Woman has been a topic of debate amongst myself and my colleagues for quite some time now. In fact, it seems as though his return is more likely than not at this point, because Patty Jenkins has already spoken about how it might work and, as my colleague points out, bringing characters back is something DC has done before comics-wise. Granted, and as also noted, it usually takes the intervention of the gods, who are supposedly all dead in this universe.

Yours truly keeps coming back to the line about how the story which established the gods’ deaths is only a story. How much of it is actually true? What was carefully changed in order to stop a young Diana from asking questions Hippolyta didn’t think she was ready to answer?

Besides, TheWrap reported that Chris Pine’s deal included the potential for multiple movies. We’re not saying it’s completely settled, but we are saying that things do look positive.

The current theory, by the way, that Buckie Wells came up with and with which I heartily agree, is that there might be a visit to Hades involved. Diana would probably be smarter than Orpheus when it comes to escorting Steve back out of the underworld.