20 best sci-fi movies featuring women

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15. The X-Files

It’s true that the X-Files movies are something of a mixed bag. The first one, 1998’s The X-Files, is a decent enough extension of the popular science fiction television series. It expands upon the show’s long-lasting “mytharc” that focused on a mysterious alien invasion and the possible government conspiracy surrounding it. It also involved really, really angry bees.

The follow-up, The X-Files: I Want to Believe (2008) received more mixed reviews, though it was still satisfying to see Mulder and Scully back on any screen again. Still, that one might be more of a deep cut for especially dedicated X-Files fans.

However, the strength of one female character’s representation is enough to include even an admittedly mediocre film. Of course, I’m talking about FBI Agent Dana Scully.

Where to begin? Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) is the more practical one of the X-Files team. Her counterpart, Agent Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) is far more credulous and, well, okay, he does turn out to be right about the massive alien conspiracy.

But even if she’s wrong, we can’t help but love Dana Scully. She’s a medical doctor who brings her knowledge and experience to the fore during many episodes, be she conducting an autopsy or providing medical care. As much as she tends to doubt Mulder’s wild theories, she’s open enough to new evidence to change her mind when necessary. She’s incredibly smart, brave, and morally upright. It’s more than enough reason to sit through at least one X-Files movie.