Hang out at the Hogwarts lake in a new Harry Potter virtual space.


When it comes to cool things for Harry Potter fans, this new Hogwarts virtual space is pretty rad. You can even check out the Great Lake!

One of the best creators of virtual ambient spaces has just put up a new video! ASMR rooms added the Hogwarts lake to her Harry Potter ambient playlist.

If you have never experienced virtual living spaces from your favorite fandoms, you’re about to add a whole new dimension to your life. Fan creators take art work from their favorite shows, books, and movies, put in some animation like fireplaces, flowing curtains, and sometimes free-moving magical objects, and then put in a sound track for the room. The sounds are usually low key white noise, like rain, pages turning in a book, wind, or goblets being put down on a table. They are great places to hang out while you study, do artwork, or read. Here are a few by a couple different fans.

The Great Lake at Hogwarts by ASMR Rooms

This is such a peaceful space. The water ripples so quietly and smoothly, with the mountain mist hanging right over it. Then a rain shower comes through for a while. But soon the full moon comes back out, shining through the rain clouds. Hogwarts has most of its windows lit with golden light. Crickets sing the whole time, and you may see some thestrals fly over. Someone has lit the lamp in the boat house. Maybe Hagrid just dropped off the first years. Turn the sound up a bit if you want to hear the merpeople sing.

Snape’s potion class by ASMR Rooms

Here is another virtual space by ASMR Rooms – Snape’s potion classroom. You’d expect this ambient space to be super creepy and uncomfortable, but it feels so comforting. Maybe it is from all the softly bubbly brews, or from the fact that Snape is alone without any students, and so is in his happy place.

Hagrid’s Hut by CrinklesforTingles

Hang out in Hagrid’s hut, listening to the rain fall, the fire crackle, and Fang snoring. Let’s hope he isn’t drooling into your lap, unless you like a lapful of drool. This one is by fan creator CrinklesforTingles.

Malfoy Manor drawing room by CrinklesforTingles

And here is the virtual room where the Malfoy family spend time together in Malfoy Manor, by CrinklesforTingles. The Malfoys enjoy living in dark places, maybe from having grown up in the Slytherin common room. But there is a fire, and a rainstorm, so even the Malfoy living room, with some Parseltongue in the background, manages to be cozy.

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I’ll share more Potter-themed virtual spaces with you in the future!