Seven Star Wars backpacks run from bounty hunters to rebels alike


There’s a new backpack collection for Star Wars fans coming out, and no matter if you’re Rebel or Imperial, or a bounty hunter, there’s something to like.

With a new week starting off today, there are some new items of Star Wars merchandise to take a look at (and maybe set some money aside for). Today, it’s not regular purses. Instead, we have a fresh set of backpacks.

The Kessel Runway noticed that Big Bad Toy Store has them available to order. However, they are originally Bioworld bags. The collection hasn’t appeared anywhere else, but it seems reasonable to assume that you’ll be able to pick them up at upcoming conventions.

Here are some of the new bags:

The others haven’t surfaced on social media as of this writing. Even though the imperial bag on the right might have a cooler design with all of the mini patches, the Rebel Alliance backpack on the left looks like it has a lot of storage space.

If your tastes run rebellious but not to that bright orange, which is understandable, there is a Rogue One backpack as well. Aside from the Imperial bag above, it might be our favorite just for that silver Rebel Alliance symbol.

As for the bounty hunter enthusiasts out there, there are two Boba Fett designs. The more interesting of the two is a bag that works not only as a regular backpack, but also more like a standard laptop bag would. Big Bad Toy Store doesn’t give the dimensions. However, it looks quite roomy indeed.

If you don’t like the Rebel bags mentioned above, there is one more as well, which looks like it has a lot of pockets. There’s no such thing as too many pockets, and this backpack looks like it may have been designed with that principle in mind.

Finally, the second Imperial backpack pulls white and even a touch of orange in as well.

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Which backpack is your favorite?