Seven Sisters doesn’t have seven stars, but it does have an interesting premise


The first trailer for Seven Sisters shows that the film has an intriguing idea at the center of its plot, one that feels rather topical.

The past year or so has seen the dystopian trend burn out somewhat in terms of movies, although franchises like The Purge just keep rolling on as well. It’s been two years since Katniss Everdeen had her final turn on the big screen; Allegiant crashed and burned a year ago. But those were both young adult franchises. There’s something new for adults, though.

It’s called Seven Sisters. io9 has unearthed the first trailer.

Check it out below:

Netflix has the rights to Seven Sisters in the United States, although it had the title What Happened to Monday? back when it purchased the film. The trailer lists an August 30 date for France. It seems likely that Netflix would probably release it around that time, especially considering that it’s been sitting on this film for about a year at this point.

There are lots of things to unpack here, but we’ll start with Glenn Close, who looks to be in the role of the antagonist (or at least the deviser of the policy that prevents the titular sisters from living seven distinct lives). Close has played a female leader before in films like Air Force One and even Guardians of the Galaxy. You can spot some of that same steely surety in her last appearance in the trailer — but in others, she cultivates what looks like a warm veneer for a public-facing event. To see her cultivate both sides (and to do so in an antagonistic manner) will be fascinating to watch.

Another interesting thing would be to see when exactly this film is set. The technology used to have each of the seven women (all Noomi Rapace) pose as one person one day of every week seems at least slightly more advanced than what we have today. Additionally, according to the Population Institute, we’re practically already at the “million more people every four days” benchmark — so the near future seems like a certainty.

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Will you add Seven Sisters to your watchlist?