Wonder Woman could take Thor in a fight, too


If both Gal Gadot and Chris Hemsworth agree, isn’t it practically cinematic canon that Wonder Woman could beat up Thor, too?

Even though Superman and Batman had a whole long movie trying to figure out who could win in a fight, we’d put our money on Wonder Woman any day. (No, we’re not just saying it because her solo movie is out this weekend, either.)

Apparently, Gal Gadot would do the same, and she’s not above a little crossover between the two major comic book cinematic universes, either. According to CBR, Katie Couric asked Gadot if Diana of Themyscira could handle Thor of Asgard.

Before we tell you what Gadot said, here’s Chris Hemsworth’s opinion, already handily censored:

And yes, Gadot agreed: Wonder Woman would win.

After all, Mjolnir has already deemed Diana worthy in comics before. Granted, that was about two decades and a couple of reboots ago for DC Comics, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t still be true, right?

(Spoilers for Wonder Woman followScroll down to the trailer if you don’t want to read spoilers.)

Besides, Diana herself is the God-Killer on the big screen. She’s already taken down Ares, the Greek god of war. What’s a Norse not-even-war-god next to that? Sorry, Thor, we think she’s got this one, too.

(Spoilers end.)

Look, we’re probably never going to see Thor and Wonder Woman fight it out on the big screen. DC and Marvel just don’t seem inclined to play in the same sandbox anymore, not since that 1996 comic book event we referred to above.

But, let’s face it: Wonder Woman could probably finish off quite a few heroes at this point without breaking a sweat. She’s had over 100 years in the cinematic universe to hone her fighting skills in the real world after her World War I debut.

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