Spider-Man: Homecoming seems to have properly teenage Peter Parker


Although Spider-Man has already proven he knows how to handle combat in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a new commercial shows he still has to argue.

It can be hard to have a teenage character carry a movie. They have to be both likable but also at least moderately realistic in some way, whether that’s a bit of self-indulgent whining, some delusions of grandeur about the world revolving around them, or having an adult character just not get whatever is going on. Apparently, Spider-Man: Homecoming has opted for the latter. 

And who better to be the (technical) adult that doesn’t get it than Tony Stark himself?

Check out the new commercial below, with a hat tip to CBR:

Having been a teenager myself, yelling at an adult that they don’t listen seems like a perfectly reasonable response. And maybe Peter’s got a point in his frustrations with Tony. This movie does, after all, take place after Captain America: Civil War. That’s already been confirmed by sites like ScreenRant.

If you’ll recall, Spider-Man managed to take Captain America’s shield and generally made a pretty good showing for himself. Having Iron Man himself now say that it’s time to dial it down and be just the “friendly neighborhood Spider-Man” is the exact opposite of what he wants to hear.

If the same clip is any indication, what he wants to hear is “Congratulations, you’re an official Avenger!” (And no, we don’t think he’d settle for being a junior Avenger or an Avenger-in-training.) Maybe that’s going to be the end of this movie? After all, there’s already going to be a Homecoming sequel, so having Peter juggle those additional adult relationships and superhero responsibilities would be an easy way to introduce additional conflict.

Also, can you just imagine what an Avengers interview would look like? Are there tests? Does he have to save a bunch of dummies from certain doom in under a minute?

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Fortunately, the wait’s almost over. We have just about a month until Spider-Man: Homecoming makes its way into theaters on July 7.