Game of Thrones season 7: Still more hints for the new season


Season 7 of Game of Thrones could grow very interesting indeed, based on a new group interview with some of the show’s biggest stars.

The more we learn about Game of Thrones‘ seventh season, the more excited we are. Everything seems to point to the fact that the show will fully embrace all it’s built up over the past six seasons. “The Winds of Winter” seems like it was just the beginning.

A new interview found by our sister site, Winter is Coming, suggests that the show’s cast knows it too. Of course, they have already filmed season 7. However, the interview with the Belfast Telegraph has some more tantalizing hints. Let’s start with Sophie Turner and Sansa Stark. Recently, we’ve wondered where her path will lead, including some shadowy turns that Turner’s hinted at.

Here’s the key line:

"“I think all she wants is the respect of her brother [Jon Snow] and I don’t think she feels like she’s getting that.”"

Respect goes a long way in this series, as well as how people perceive actions. Coupled with Turner’s adding Sansa will be “in it for herself” this season, in contrast to earlier statements that Sansa is still family-oriented, it seems as though there might really be some dramatic changes. We keep coming back to the idea that there’s going to be something between Jon and Sansa this season. That might presage this change from being a Stark first to being Sansa first. And respect could easily be that linchpin.

Speaking of Jon himself, here’s Kit Harington’s take:

"“I think that season seven starts with optimism […] at least he’s in a place where people will listen to him when he’s warning them, and he can get right down to business.”"

That seems to support the sudden change theory. It’s important to note that he’s talking in the context of Jon’s arc in season 7, not necessarily that of Jon and Sansa’s. However, it does draw a contrast to what Turner spoke about with Jon not “respecting” (i.e., listening) to Sansa.

Jon does generally get things done when he sets his mind to them, so to see Harington emphasizing that his character won’t sit on his hands suggests there will be a lot of movement up north.

Finally, here’s what Emilia Clarke had to say:

"“Dany is exploring every avenue that her kind of bloodline has been to. People have an idea of what her father was and everyone has vague idea [sic] what her brother was.”"

The idea of inheritance already started playing a role in previous seasons. Dany has asked what her brother and father were like before, but now she has the opportunity to fill in even more. If she happens to meet Bran Stark, she might have an even more complete picture.

That might not happen in season 7. However, Bran has the best knowledge of the past of any of his generation of characters despite being one of the youngest of them all.

But will Dany actually choose to emulate either Aerys or Rhaegar Targaryen? It seems like her choice might simply be not to act like Viserys instead. She knew him firsthand. Will she trust others’ perspectives of her father and brother and use that to guide her? That seems more likely — she does have some trusted advisers now, and we’ve already seen her listen to Tyrion Lannister’s counsel.

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How much will the history of Westeros affect this season? Clarke seems to suggest that it will play a fairly large part, and, well, family drama like what Jon and Sansa may experience next season is basically the story of the continent on a small scale.

The question may be: Will previous stories repeat themselves?