The new ‘Raven’s Home’ trailer makes it feel like nothing’s changed in a decade


The first trailer for Disney’s Raven’s Home does exactly what the title would suggest — make the audience feel like we never left in the first place.

In the interest of full disclosure, I’m probably not going to watch this show at all. But I was a big That’s So Raven fan back in the day and thought I should give the trailer a try.

And I was surprised by how much nostalgia the trailer invoked without even trying. For starters, let it be known that it appears that neither titular star Raven Baxter (Symoné) or her on-screen best friend Chelsea (played by Anneliese van der Pol) have aged at all. Not in real life or in the last decade since That’s So Raven aired its last episode.

Of course, if you’ve been around daytime talk shows or ever caught an episode of The View recently, then you know Raven the actress/singer is far from her comedy counterpart. Yet, she slips back into the role so effortlessly in this trailer, it’s as if the show never went off the air.

For the most part, many consider That’s So Raven to be one of Disney’s best original live-action shows in recent memory. Especially since it paved the way for Hannah Montana (a Disney brand monolith) and basically every other show they churn out by the dozens nowadays. I mean, it’s an Emmy-nominated show, for crying out loud.

While the trailer below will certainly give you Fuller House vibes, it’s got A) diversity going for it, and b) the comedy prowess of Raven. (Sorry, but my official opinion is that Fuller House banks more on family vibes put out by the otherwise wholesome Candace Cameron-Bure than actual hilarity.) Of course, the show’s premise changes a little as Raven’s son realizes he’s got the same gift as his mother. But as you’ll see, that doesn’t mean Raven’s going to take a backseat to her own show.

Check out the trailer below:

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Raven’s Home premieres on the Disney Channel July 21, 2017.