Samantha Bee takes on “Toxic Testosterone” on Full Frontal


After Greg Gianforte won an election despite body slamming a reporter, Samantha Bee had something to say about “Toxic Testosterone” in our country.

Thank goodness for Samantha Bee. Like the rest of the country, Sam Bee had to get her shots in on the “covfefe” disaster on Full Frontal With Samantha Bee last night. But while “covfefe” was a hilarious fumble, it felt like a distraction from more pressing issues. Luckily, Bee didn’t stay on it for long and moved on to a killer segment on “Toxic Testosterone.”

Bee started her episode with the “covfefe” incident. She said that Donald Trump finally fulfilled a campaign promise and “made America truly great.” He brought us all together to mock his Twitter stumble. “Trump is right, he really does have the best words!” Bee jocked. “And he spelled it right. V before E except after Z.”

Bee then moved on to the President’s recent trip to the Middle East, which she perfectly compared to Mad Max: Fury Road. He then went to Europe for “some actual fury.” She mocked the President for riding around in a golf cart and avoiding questions from the media, especially about Jared Kushner.

Check out the video, with a warning for some NSFW language:

Bee talked about Kushner trying to create backchannels with Russia and said that Ivanka Trump’s next book will be about parenting while her husband’s in prison. Bee, of course, previously slammed Ivanka Trump and her book for co-opting quotes, being totally unrelatable, using the word “Architecting” and more. “Single parenting while your husband is in prison. This is a new problem women are dealing with for the very first time. Here are some quotes from Black Lives Matter activists that I have misquoted to make them about me. Architecting,” Bee joked Ivanka Trump’s new book would say.

Bee went on to talk about Trump hiring lawyers, who are “ruining his life” by vetting his tweets and canceling rallies. “Trump without screaming mobs and Twitter bots is like Tinker Bell without clapping. He’ll flutter to the ground and wink out,” she said.

But the main segment on Full Frontal was on “Toxic Testosterone.” And it was amazing. From Trump bragging about being able to shoot someone on Fifth Avenue, to Greg Gianforte body slamming a reporter, the public is finally talking about toxic masculinity.

Rather than respond with outrage, Gianforte’s supporters and the right wing press called Ben Jacobs a “crybaby,” Pajama Boy,” “wuss,” and more. Gianforte, meanwhile, lied about what actually happened. He then sort of apologized saying he made a “mistake,” and people were quick to forgive him and said, “Everyone makes mistakes.” Some supporters even felt this violent behavior was justified and said that Jacobs and other reporters “had it coming.”

But why are we surprised? Again, a man who bragged about assaulting women won the presidential election. Trump has called the media the “enemy of the American people.” And he’s said he wants to punch protesters in the face. So is it really so surprising that a reporter was hurt after such a dangerous tone was set?

Trump has become a symbol of “Toxic Testosterone,” and others are following his lead. For example, former Rep. Michael Grimm also threatened a reporter for asking about his indictment. Grimm then got elected again before going to jail. As Bee noted, things have become so bad that reporters are getting “hostile-environment awareness training.”

Now, Trump hasn’t created “Toxic Testosterone.” This has been a systemic problem in our culture forever. As Bee pointed out, it’s part of why George Zimmerman got off for killing Trayvon Martin. But Trump has allowed this behavior to become more acceptable and normalized.

“Did he provide a focus for roid-rage culture? Sure,” Bee said. “He rode into office on a wave of assholes like a crowd surfer at a Kid Rock concert. But there has always been an undercurrent of testosterone-fueled cruelty in America, a nation where there was no greater demonstration of strength than hitting a brown person in the face with your rock-hard boner. The triumphant impunity of Gamer Gate trolls, the Bundy occupiers, and George Zimmerman told America’s shy bullies, ‘It’s OK. You are accepted. Be yourself. We won’t judge you. Neither will a judge.’”

Bee ended the segment with a call to action. We’re all Jennifer Lawrence in Winter’s Bone now. We’re on our own and have to figure out how to solve our problems without violence. Or we’ll become Lawrence in The Hunger Games instead.

“Come on, guys, left, right, we are in this together,” Bee said.

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