15 TV shows you forgot about (and some you wish you could)

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Mr. Belvedere

In the same vein as some of the other beloved ’80s shows, Mr. Belevedere told the story of a middle class family with a guest that didn’t really fit into their lives. In this case, it was a posh English butler, whose fancy ways clashed with the working class family for which he worked.

Most of the jokes were at the expense of the culture clash, but at its heart, it was a story about loving your family and the differences they present. It’s premise gave birth to shows like The Nanny and borrowed heavily from the Gimme a Break legacy. His character was (probably) the template for other butlers on primetime like Geoffrey from Fresh Prince of Bel Air. 

Mr. Belvedere was a fan favorite and a critical hit. It earned an Emmy Award for its 1986 season, and has worked its way into our cultural lexicon. Try working this show into a conversation at your next party, and I’ll guarantee you’ll jog their memory. Everybody loved this show, and it’s a shame it’s gotten lost in the canon. Maybe if I type loud enough, the powers that be will consider a reboot. I’d totally watch that show.