15 TV shows you forgot about (and some you wish you could)

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Still from Party of Five season 1, episode 1. Image via Fox/Netflix

Here’s 15 TV shows you forgot about but will be super happy to remember. It’s good to look back and appreciate how far we’ve come.

There maybe a glut of quality television to choose from these days, but we haven’t always been so lucky. There was a time when we had far less to choose from, and we were mostly okay with that. These TV shows you forgot about serve as reminder of how good we have it, and how far we’ve come in our television experiences. 

This doesn’t mean that everything on this list is awful dreck (although some of it is). It does mean that you can’t hold these shows to our modern standard, and you must examine them as a product of their own time. As much as you might love some of these shows, it’s probably the memory of them that is the sweetest. Some of them might hold up, but most of them need to be evaluated in their own bubble.

Some of the shows on this list deserve to be remembered fondly, while we’re happy to forget the rest. Either way, they’re part of what makes TV great today, and it’s worth a revisit to remember how we got here. Which of your favorite shows did I forget about? Make sure to remind me of all the gems I’ve left off the list.