Magical creatures and how to properly take care of them


Have you ever wondered how to take care of your magical creatures? You wouldn’t want them getting taken away! Here’s a helpful guide to show you the way!

We love our magical creatures in the Harry Potter universe so we’re going to look at a help guide in how to take care of them all!


If you already own a Hippogriff, don’t forget to cast the Disillusionment Charm on it every day. We don’t need muggles seeing them. And remember not to use them for personal transportation! But if you are thinking of obtaining one, here are a few things you should know.

  • Show respect by bowing to them before approaching. If a Hippogriff bows back, you may then approach
  • They eat insects, birds, and small mammals. Do not forget to feed your Hippogriff!
  • If you are breeding, please remember they lay only one egg and it is extremely fragile. The Hippogriff is also extremely protective, so exercise caution.


Before you even think about getting yourself a Kneazle, remember that you must have a license for them! And if you are breeding them, or thinking of doing so, remember not to sell them to muggles.

  • Their level of intelligence is extremely high and they can also be aggressive. Keep these things in mind.
  • Kneazles are very independent and easily detect untrustworthy people. If they do not like you, I would suggest not having one. Just trust me.
  • Kneazles are always able to find their way home.


Certainly not a pet for everyone, the Imp is extremely mischievous. Their idea of a joke is tripping and pushing people. It is legal to own them as pets, though not many want to.

  • Imps eat any kind of insect and delight in Wizard Crackers. But that’s mostly so they can pelt you with them.
  • As often as possible, Imps should be kept contained. Mostly for your own protection, but also that of other’s.
  • Imp offspring are hatched fully formed, for those interested in breeding.


Nifflers are legal to own as long as you have a license, but not recommended in the slightest. They are excellent for wizards looking for treasure, but will wreck your house. Nifflers do not like feeling confined in small spaces.

  • A Niffler is naturally gentle and can be very affectionate towards their owners. But they will become vicious if provoked.
  • They will eat just about anything you give them, as they are omnivores. But generally living in the dirt, they naturally prefer root vegetables and worms.
  •  If breeding, they have litters of six to eight young at a time.


Legal to own, but near impossible to obtain these magical creatures are as elusive as they are elegant. There are two known domesticated Phoenixes. If you are able to domesticate one, they will show you extreme loyalty. But once you pass, they will go on to live freely, never owned by anyone else.

  • Phoenix nest on mountain peaks, and are not known for fighting. They are known to be gentle and cry healing tears.
  • They are herbivores, a fact that lends even more weight behind their claim to being a gentle bird.
  • The most magnificent thing about them is their power to be reborn. No one knows how the Phoenix came to be or how they breed. On Burning Day, they burst into flames, only to be reborn as chicks from their own ashes.


Unicorns are one of the most beautiful and magical creatures to exist. Muggles and Wizards alike admire them and hold them in high regard. They seem to be impossible to catch.

  • Unicorns should be treated with the utmost respect. They are not known to be aggressive unless they feel threatened.
  • They are partial to women by nature, but the young ones tend to be more trusting and don’t mind men as the adults do.
  • No one can be sure, but it is believed that a Unicorn lives off the same diet as a typical horse.


Anyone can own a Gnome, muggles included. But when muggles have Gnomes they appear as inanimate statues. They are not the ideal pet. Especially for those without a garden.

  • Gnomes eat plants and worms and such. They also enjoy Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans.
  • Not a very dangerous creature, but they do have razor sharp teeth and they enjoy using them.
  • Some wizards see having Gnomes in their gardens as a blessing. Others see it as a nuisance and attempt to get rid of them.


Bowtruckles are adorable and genuinely friendly magical creatures that can be kept as pets. Though they do prefer to live inside of trees. A branch is when a group of Bowtruckles come together.

  • They eat insects, using their long razor like fingers to dig their meals out of the tree they live in.
  • Bowtruckles are peaceful and friendly creatures naturally. But they will attack if they feel threatened.
  • They can become very attached to someone who takes great care of them. Bowtruckles also tend to be loyal.

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