Gilmore Girls star Lauren Graham talks ‘colorful’ guest role in Curb Your Enthusiasm season 9


After Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, two novels and a dropped comedy series, Lauren Graham’s got a new stint on Curb Your Enthusiasm’s new season.

If you consider yourself one of those “big Gilmore Girls” fans, then you know Lauren Graham’s done more than a few hundred things since she first booked the gig of Lorelai Gilmore way back at the turn of the millennium. She sang on Broadway, she wrote some books (two equally charming and hilarious novels, Someday, Someday Maybe and Talking As Fast As I Can), she starred in another successful television show and even returned to Gilmore Girls with the Netflix revival A Year in the Life. For many of us, no matter how much she works, we always feel a shortage of Lauren Graham content. There’s something about her wit that just fills a special little hole in our hearts.

Which is why the news of Linda from HR being dropped from Fox‘s fall lineup hit especially hard. All we want is for her to be on our televisions every week from here to eternity.

But while they may not be the easiest thing to guarantee, she will be back soon. And no, I’m not about to break the news of more Gilmore Girls.

No need to Curb your anything

Instead, we can all get ready to see a different side of Graham when she heads over to HBO for Curb Your Enthusiasm‘s ninth season. (Yay!) After six years off, Larry David’s hit show will return this fall and Graham will be making what TVLine confirmed is more than a couple appearances. In her “multi-episode arc,” Graham will flex her funny muscles yet again. But this time around, it’ll be less about speedy delivery and more about “colorful language,” as Graham explained to TVLine.

Additionally, Graham will rely on her improvisational skills for a character that is “completely” different than how we’ve seen her before: “I speak in a way that I don’t speak ever.”

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Between Game of Thrones and Curb Your Enthusiasm, my HBO subscription won’t be ending anytime soon. (If you’ve ever heard Graham swear before, it’s well worth the subscription.)