Are there season 7 clues in the new Game of Thrones Pop!s from Funko?


Does the new line of Game of Thrones Pop! figures from Funko contain any season 7 clues, or are they more based on season 6?

A new wave of Game of Thrones merchandise seems practically inevitable, just based on the fact that season 7 will arrive this summer. Funko confirming a new set of Game of Thrones Pop!s, however, seemed slightly less inevitable.

The new figures, according to the announcement by Funko, will arrive in June, just in time for you to add them to your collection before July brings those new episodes.

Check them all out below:

Just based on the inclusion of Wun Wun and Cersei (with Funko explicitly stating she’s wearing her “coronation gown”) , it seems as though not even Funko has any hints to where season 7 might see these characters go. Ditto with the Jon Snow Pop!s, both of which evoke his look in “Battle of the Bastards”. (If you look closely, you can see that Funko did include the scar, too.)

But at the same time, the decision to package Bran Stark and Jon Snow together does raise some eyebrows. The figures don’t appear to be any different than the new individual releases. Putting Jon together with Sansa Stark, when the two of them spent the bulk of the season working together, would have made more sense. Is it just because Bran knows Jon’s true parentage?

Or could we take this as a further clue that all four of the Starks will be together again? Without much more than set photos to go on, it seems like that’s in the cards. Granted, it might not last long, but it’s a nice idea at the very least.

As one last side note, although Tormund Giantsbane’s beard is too glorious to be recreated perfectly, Funko did its very best. Look at those sculpted waves.

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Here’s hoping Funko continues to make more Game of Thrones Pop!s.