The Stephen Fry and J.K Rowling feud that was never really real


When it comes to feuds we’ll never understand, the one about Stephen Fry and J.K Rowling was pretty high up on everyone’s list.

Stephen Fry does the audio books for the Harry Potter series in the U.K. Fans love his rendition of the story and listen to him reading J.K Rowling’s story over and over again. But they were pretty upset when they found out that Fry was not to nice to our queen.

Now, Rowling has finally put that nasty revenge story to rest. For those who don’t know, the story goes like this. Stephen was approached to read the audio books without ever having knowledge of the series. He thought it was simple a children’s book and that it would be an easy day of work.

When he met Rowling, she told him that she was working on the sequel to which he condescendingly said “Good for you”. Rowling apparently remembered this moment and got her revenge years later. When Fry was recording Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, he couldn’t say the phrase “Harry pocketed it”.

So Stephen called up Rowling and asked if she could change the phrase. She said no and then added it into the next four books.

While petty and, if it had been true, pretty awesome on Rowling’s part, it is, unfortunately, a lie. Rowling took to Twitter to finally put this harrowing story to rest.

So even when you think Rowling was just in her anger about someone saying “Good for you”, she is too nice to actually be that way.

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Rowling never did that to Fry and it is a good thing too because a friendship between those two seems way cooler than a feud over the phrase “Harry pocketed it”.